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The Northern Spy: 2001 05 21

    When is a fireside chat not? When the fire is played on a giant video screen and the intimate setting includes thousands of software developers occupying every chair in a space large enough to be an airplane hanger. The jCEO did announce an end to CRT monitors, price reductions on the current LCD models, a new 17" version, and lots of rah rah for OS X, much of it, I think, justified. Perhaps the only surprise weas that OS X will ship installed (but off by default) on all Macs starting today. A new version of the server edition is also available. No shockers, no "just one more thing."
    Suprisingly (to me at least) there aren't many exhibitors, and several are companies I have not previously heard of. Some are UNIX lurkers trolling for new customers in the OS X world. (Note to Nellie: add these to the portal when I get back with the brochures.) We're well-fed though, both for thought and by the caterers, so there's much to digest. This is a serious crowd, not given to wild cheering, here to learn. There promise to be many opportunities over the next few days, and afterwards with the ton of CDs we've been given. It seems odd though, not to mention deja vu all over again. I left UNIX behind two decades ago; now it's back, though with a much prettier face, and, according to the hype, likely to be the OS of the next two decades. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    --Rick Sutcliffe
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